Announcements - College Affiliations & Development Department
  FTA Committee Members : Kindly note FTA committee letters are available in AY 22-23 -> View FTA Committee Appointments link in Affiliation Section.
  Affiliated Colleges : Kindly note FTA committee letters are available in AY 22-23 First time Affiliation Section.
 Circular No. 8 dated 22/02/2022
 Circular No. 189 Dated 09/01/2023
  All Links for Online Submission of Extension / New College / Satellite Centre Proposals 23-24 has been closed.
 Circular No. 18 Dated 11/01/2023
 Click here to download Circular for New College / Extension of Affiliation Proposals AY 23-24.
  Links for New College / Extension of Affiliation Proposals (New Faculty / Course / Subject / Additional Division) AY 23-24 has been activated.
  Links for Yearly Affiliation AY 22-23 Fees Payment has been activated in AY 2023-24 section of your College login. Kindly make the payment on or before 28th February 2023.
 Circular No. 17 Dated 13/12/2022
 Circular No.15 Dated 16/11/2022
 Circular No.16 Dated 22/11/2022
 Circular No. 14 Dated 14/11/2022
 Click here to download National Credit Framework
 Circular No. 139 Dated 01/11/2022
 Circular No. 12 Dated 29/10/2022
 Circular No. 97 Dated 30/08/2022
 Circular No. 96 Dated 26/08/2022
 Circular No. 02 Dated 20/08/2022
 Circular AAMS for Refundable Deposits
  All links for Continuation of Affiliation / Natural Growth / Permanent Affiliation Proposals for AY 2023-24 are open. Kindly submit your proposal online before the last date.
 Circular No. 10 Dated 28/07/2022
 Circular regarding Zoology Book distribution
 Circular No. 09 Dated 14/07/202
 Circular No. 08 Dated 13/07/202
 Circular No. 07 Dated 12/07/202
 NEP 2020 with circular and flyer
 Circular No. 06 Dated 28/06/2022
 Circular No. 05 Dated 27/06/2022
 Reminder II-Circular for affiliated College...
 Reminder II- Circular for University Depart....
 Circular No. 04 Dated 04/06/2022
 Reminder I- Circular for University Depart....
 Reminder I-Circular for Affiliated Colleges ...
 Circular No. 03 Dated.26/05/2022
 Circular No. 2 Dated 20/05/2022....
 Circular for University Depart....
 Circular for All Affiliated Colleges.....
 Circular No.1 Dated 27 April 2022
 Click here to download Extension/New College Proposal AY 22-23
  You cannot Copy and Paste College Login details. You will have to type the same. Remember Password is case sensitive.
  Due to security reasons Passwords of Colleges with Special characters has been changed. SMS for the same has also been sent to respective colleges. Kindly login with new Login details provided.
 Circular No. 01 Dated 08/04/2022
 Circular No. 49 Dated 31/03/2022
 Circular regarding celebration of International...

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