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 Elected Chairperson of BOS
 Elected Chairperson of BOS
 Elected Chairperson of BOS
 Circular for BOS Meeting
 Appeal Format
 Valid Invalid List
 Revised Notification of BOS Election
 Experience Certificate for BOS Election
 BOS Nomination Form
 BOS Voter List
 Notification of BOS Election
 ओळखपत्र नमुना
 Elected Candidate list of Teachers
 Elected Candidate list of Teachers For Senate
 उमेदवारांसाठी सूचना
 अधिसभेकरिता नोंदणीकृत पदवीधरांच्या...
 Final Nomination List of Regi. Graduate_Senate
 Graduate_Senate_Valid / Invalid
 Scrutiny Letter
 Scrutiny Notification
 पदवीधरांना निवडून देण्यासाठी निवडणूक अधिसूचना
 महाविद्यालयीन अध्यापकांची विद्यापरिषद ...
 महाविद्यालयीन अध्यापकांची अधिसभेवरील ...
 Hamipatra dated 01 March 2018
 Notice dated 01 March 2018
 Teachers Center List Updated
 4 vidyashakhanmddhe abhyaskramancha samaveshababat
 Teachers Senate Adhisuchana
 Teachers Academic Council Adhisuchana
 Jahir Prakatan
 Circular Dated 9th Feb 2018
 मतपत्रिका छाननी / मतमोजणीसाठी नमुना
 Letter Dated 6th Feb 2018
 To Appoint a Representative on election Centre
 Notice to Candidate
 Guidance to Voters
 Important Notice
 Format of Appeal
 Election Circular Dated 30th Jan 2018
 Universtiy Teachers Centre list
 Election Notification Dated 11th Jan 2018_C
 Election Notification Dated 11th Jan 2018_B
 Election Notification Dated 11th Jan 2018_A

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